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Food Industry

Food Industry Consultants and Experts

We hand hold Food Entrepreneurs / medium to large scale food industrialists from concept ideation to complete industrial implementations for their product to reach their consumers through helping them create viable, profitable, and lovable food products with greater consumer satisfaction

Kind of clients who love our work are the ones who are truly committed in creating and launching viable and profitable food products in market and don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to a scientific and specialist approach in concept validation, industry implementation and brand reach.

Our Services

Recipe Design

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Process Set-Up & Optimization

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Cost Saving & Value Improvement

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Quality Improvement

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Strategy Building

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Training & Coaching

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Food Production


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Industrial Food Production Excellence Program is a continuous improvement program based upon ongoing manufacturing support and team coaching working in different production departments. Read More

Continuous Food products production Improvement

A support program designed to step-change the performance of your people and processes Read More

Training and People Development

Individual or team coaching. Read More

Call Out Support, Food Products Production and Industrial Processing Optimization

Call outs and emergency visits. Read More

An End-to-End Food Production Industry Business “Health Check” and Optimization Plan

Identifies and improves points of weakness in terms of productivity, business continuity and quality. Read More

Supply Chain Value Improvement (and Cost Saving/Cost Avoidance)

Business continuity project management (eg. currency or geo-political sourcing risk mitigation). Read More

R&D, Food Handling Expertise including Quality Investigations

Nutritional improvement project management (dairy free, sugar reduction, saturated fat reduction, calorie reduction etc). Read More